Common Interview Questions

By rehearsing interview questions, you'll become more familiar with your own qualifications
and will be prepared to demonstrate how you can benefit an employer.

Here are some examples of questions interviewers often ask.

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Why do you want to work here or What about our company interests you?
3. Why did you leave your last job? (If you are no longer working, answering this question in the proper way is very important.)
4. What are you best skills?
5. What is your major weakness?
6. Do you prefer to work by yourself or with others?
7. What are your career goals? Or, What are your future plans?
8. What salary are you expecting?
1. What would you have liked to accomplish in your present position that you didn't? Why didn't you?
2. What should the company expect from the person they decide to hire during the first year? The first five years?
3. What would be the toughest aspects of this job? The most enjoyable-the least enjoyable?
4. What would your competitor (for a promotion or a new position) say about you in terms of your strengths and weaknesses?
5. What criteria would you use in measuring your own performance over the next year-what would you LIKE to be used?
6. What are your goals or schedule for accomplishment at your present position for the next year? For the next two or three years?
7. What do you think is your greatest contribution to your job?
8. What factors are: (a) most important to you personally in job satisfaction? (b) Most important to your subordinates in job satisfaction?
9. What are some short-and long-term problems you think you will face? How would you deal with them?
10. What problems do you think this organization will face in a year-in the next two years?
11. How long do you think the challenges of this job will excite and interest you?
1. How would you select a successor if you were promoted?
2. How do you set priorities for your own time-for your subordinate's time?
3. What skills do you think an outstanding subordinate should have-an outstanding peer?
4. How would you go about dealing with a cut in expenditures?
5. How would you deal with a significant plan for growth?
6. How would you deal with subordinates who feel they are more qualified than you?
7. What kind of selection process would you have for this position?
8. How would you deal with a subordinate who didn't measure up to the demands of the job-whose enthusiasm seems to be going down?
1. What would your personal goals in this job be for the next year?
2. Do you belong to business, community, and social organizations-what businesses interest you?
3. What training sessions would interest you-which ones would you feel comfortable with as a panelist?
4. From age 18, what would you do differently if you could?
5. From whom have you learned the most in your career-what have you learned?
6. What would you hope to learn from an outstanding management expert?
7. Which personal accomplishments and attributes make you the most proud?
8. What gives you the most satisfaction during free or vacation time?
9. How do you motivate yourself-deal with stress?